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People have searched for ways to extend the length and quality of life for centuries. Stories about a "fountain of youth" promoted eplorers to cross vast oceans and explore new worlds to try and find a "cure" for aging. Other attempts at life extention have tried just about everything from the mundane to the truly bizarre. Modern medicine has allowed people to live up to 120 years which seems to be the "normal" maximum lifespan. Research suggest this "barrier" can be broken and life extended both in quality and quantity. As you age, your body gradually breaks down and loses the ability to repair itself like it did when you were younger. Attempts have been made to try and discover which healing and growth factors are important, but it is likely that the combination of hundreds of different regenative factors and their interaction with each other in the body is required to try and replicate a young physiology.

Our approach at the Atlantis Anti-Aging Institute is to simply transfuse all of these factors present in young blood by transfusing the plasma (blood minus the cells) of young donors into an older patient. This way, the patient receives all the needed healing and growth factors in their natural concentrations.


"Young Plasma" treatments are being used "off-label" and must be considered "experimental". Plasma has been used safely for decades in every hospital in the world for many other ailments. Per FDA guidelines, we cannot make ANY claims of efficacy of these treatments.


The first attempt to use "young blood" for anti-aging was by a Russian physician Dr. Bogdonov, who claimed impressive anti-aging effects from "young blood transfusions" in the 1920's. Unfortunately, the blood was not tested for malaria and blood type and he passed away.

More recent experiments with mice showed remarkable results and promted the excitement about "young plasma." Firstly, the researchers stitched the blood circulation of an old mouse and a young mouse together. The old mouse with dementia showed neurologic impairment and cellular evidence of rejuvination in all tissues examined when they did an autopsy on the mice.

Since stitching animals (or people!) together is impractical, researchers then tried injecting the old mouse with plasma from a young mouse. Again, the old mouse showed marked improvements. Perhaps not surprisingly, the young mouse deteriorated when injected with the plasma of the old mouse. Other studies have corroborated this and clearly showed that "old blood" has damaging effects in the body.

Other studies have shown promise for helping patients with Alzheimers. Currently, this horrible disease has no effective treatment and we are tyring to help patients with this uncurable disease by tranfusing them with "young plasma" as well as using other medications like Rapamycin. Dr. Chipman and Atlantis Clinic participated in the largest human trial on Young Plasma in 2017 ("Ambrosia" Study).


All of our plasma donors are aged 16-25 years and the plasma is tested and certified by a licensed blood bank to be free of infectious diseases etc. We need to know your blood type (A, B, AB or O) to give you the correct plasma.

The treatments take place at our clinic in Oldsmar (Tampa) Florida, USA, and we have patients coming from all around the world for these treatments. The treatment takes approximately 3 hours during which time we start a small iv and typically transfuse 7 units of "young plasma" into the patient. It is unknown how often these treatments need to be done, but we recommend every 3 months as those young healing and growth factors are eventually lost within the body. Some patients with dementia receive monthly treatments to try and reverse or slow the neural damge. Below are links to some of the studies using "young plasma."

Links to "Young Plasma" Studies

Frquently Asked Questions

Who should consider "young plasma" treatments?

Anybody who wishes to try and improve the quality of their health and extend their lifespan. Typically patients are 40 years and older. Some are patients who have age related or degenerative diseases, but many do these treatments preventatively.

Are there any side effects?

Plasma is probably the most "natural" treatment there is. Patients receive about 2 L of fluids so patients with a very weak heart are transfused more slowly. Minor allergic reactions like "hives" can occur and are easily treated with Benadryl.

Is this safe?

Yes- all blood is tested and certified by a U.S. licensed blood bank.

How long does the treatment take?

About 3 hours. A small iv is started and the units transfused. Patients can read or watch TV in a relaxing environment during the treatment.

What improvements can I expect?

Most patients report an increase in energy and mental clarity. Some patients have reported healing of skin lesions they have had for years. Since these treatments are new, it will take several years to see the full benefits of these treatments.

Is this FDA approved?

"Fresh Frozen Plasma" is FDA approved for transfusion to treat many other diseases and illnesses. We use it "off-label" for a different indication which is legal and normal as doctors use medicines every day for indications other than what they were orginially approved for. This the same plasma you would receive in a hospital except we only use young donors age 16-25 years.

Do you offer other anti-aging treatments?

We are constantly researching new treatments and will add them only when we are convinced they are likely to be helpful. We are currently recommending Metformin and intermittent Rapamycin. We can also perform cosmetic procedures like laser treatments, acid peels and "PRP" (Platlet Rich Plasma) injections to help make you look younger on the "outside" as well.

How can I find more info about this treatment?

Call Atlantis Clinic at (813) 891-6343 and Dr. Chipman can contact you for a free telephone consulatation.

Treatment Plans

The frequency and timing of treatments is individualized. Many patients come every 3 months for 7 units of young plasma. Some patients with dementia are treated monthly and take Rapamycin as well (which we can prescribe). If you are interested in a free telephone consultation about these treatments with Dr. Chipman, call the clinic and he will contact you. We need to know your blood type so we can order the correct plasma and we'll need a copy of a lab report to verify.

  • 1 Treatment of 7 units : $8000

  • 4 Treatment Package of 7 units each : $27,000

  • 1 Treatment "a la carte" : $1000 + $1000/unit

Client Testimonials

  • Thanks to the "young-plasma" treatments, I am re-living my youth and feeling great. The extra energy and mental clarity help keep me at the top of my game. I come every 3 months for the transfusions and they have worked wonders.

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  • My grandmother has Alzheimer's disease. We have tried every treatment we could find and none have helped. Dr. Chipman's revolutionary treatment protocol has helped her do things that she hasn't been able to do for years. We bring her to the clinic monthly and take Rapamycin pills once a week. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

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